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If you have questions about how this process works, please click through the frequently asked questions below or give us a call.

  • How are abilities assessed?
    Unlike tests of skills, personality, interests, or values – all of which are influenced by changes over time – abilities are assessed through the actual performance of tasks which measure how easily you can perform those tasks. The aptitude assessment consists of 19 work samples that require the test-taker to follow instructions on the computer screen (reproduced in audio) and then to “do” or “recognize” something in response. The assessment takes approximately 3 hours to complete and can be taken anywhere there is a reliable Internet connection.
  • I’ve done these tests in school - how is this different?
    This assessment is unlike anything you’ve taken before. It does not rely on your subjective answers about how you solve problems or interact with others. It relies on objective data from work samples.
  • How does it work?
    Our process includes a pre-assessment phone consultation (about 15 minutes), the online assessment of 19 work samples (about 3 hours) and a feedback meeting (2 hours). The online portion can be broken up over several sessions or completed all at once.
  • Where will I do the testing?
    Most people prefer to do the assessments at home on their own time. It is vital that you have a quiet area free of distractions, and access to headphones for the auditory work samples. We also offer onsite testing in our office if your prefer to complete it in one day and/or have difficulty providing a quiet space for the assessments.
  • Will you pick one career for me? What if I don’t agree?
    Our job is to give you the tools to make career decisions, rather than choose one for you. Most clients find it helpful that we narrow down the field of career choices that are inline with their natural abilities and interests.
  • How old do you need to be?
    Natural abilities stabilize around 14 years of age and do not change with age. We recommend the assessment for anyone 15 years of age and older.
  • I think I know what I want to do - do I need to take the test?
    Almost anyone can benefit from learning more about their natural abilities, personality characteristics, interests and work motivators. This information can help determine what parts of a chosen career will be easy and natural for them and what parts might require more skills development. We can give you strategies based on your natural abilities to get you where you want to be!
  • Do you work with clients outside of Wichita?
    Yes! We meet with out of town clients over Skype or over the phone.
  • Do parents attend meetings?
    We highly encourage parents of children 25 years and younger to attend. Parents typically know quite a bit about their children and their perspective can be very helpful! Plus, the process allows you to get to know your child better!
  • Is there a risk that they may fail the Highlands assessment of abilities?
    No, it is impossible to fail the HAB. We do not grade anything. We simply measure how well the child is able to perform each work sample. Our aim is to identify a child’s strengths. If they do well in diagnostic thinking, for example, they show the strengths typical of lawyers. If they do well in spatial visualization, they would do well to consider a career in engineering or medicine. The point is that our abilities testing is never judgmental. It simply confirms the abilities your child has and gives them the confidence to describe them in their college application.
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