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Scholarship Opportunities with Spring Deadlines

Wondering if you've missed the boat for scholarships now that graduation is nearing? There are still a few opportunities available with spring deadlines!

We've scoured websites and compiled a list of local and regional scholarships (primarily Butler and Sedgwick County) with approaching deadlines. Check out the list below!

Why local scholarships?

Because these scholarships are legitimate offers from people in your community and your chances at being chosen are increased when compared to the "sweepstakes" type offers on national websites for which thousands of students might be applying.

Where is the best place to search for scholarships?

1. Your high school counselor's page on the school website is your best resource because they may have information about these local scholarships and some opportunities that are only available to students from your school. We have included some of those awards here for Andover students because we serve many Andover families, but I encourage you to check your own high school's site! Your school counselors are a wealth of knowledge, you just need to ask!

2. The college or university you plan to attend! Senior parents are aware of this but if you are an upcoming Junior, know that this is the best place to start!

2. The Central Kansas Community Foundation website allows you to search for local scholarships in BUTLER, ELK, HARVEY, MARION, RENO, SEDGWICK, SHAWNEE & WILSON counties and displays those that you are eligible for. Click here to check it out. Some of those scholarships are listed below, but if your student is in Augusta, EL Dorado or other neighboring schools, a few other opportunities will be presented!

3. The Wichita Foundation offers a variety of scholarships. Many of these awards are based on financial need as well as academic performance. Some scholarships are available statewide, some are only available to students at specific high area high schools. There is one scholarship portal and application and you will get matched automatically with the awards for which you qualify. Visit the website to read more about the scholarships and apply:

3. There are a few national sites that help you search for awards that are specific to your area or field of study that might be worth looking into such as College Board,, Sallie Mae, or Chegg that might be worth your time. Consider using a new and separate email for scholarships only to help you track of the many emails you will receive from these sites!

Quick tip - Personalize Each Application!

It is perfectly okay to use the same or similar essay for multiple applications, but make a few changes to personalize the essay for each organization. What does that organization stand for, what is the scholarship called, what do they value? How does your story align with that? For example, an organization might ask why you deserve this scholarship. The main theme of your essay may not change for each organization, but be sure to mention the organization that is offering the scholarship in your essay and how your story aligns with what they value. The reader will feel that your application is more thoughtful and personalized.


List of Local Scholarships with Spring Deadlines

March 13, 2023 Andover Chamber of Commerce Scholarship

The scholarship was established to provide financial assistance to current

graduates of Andover High School, Andover Central High School, or eCademy who are furthering their careers through higher educational pursuits through a public or private college / university, vocational, technical, or trade school. Qualified individuals are those who possess a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher and must be enrolled in a full-time program or program equivalent. Eligible students must reside in USD #385. The number of students awarded and the dollar amount given is based on money available. Recipient(s) will be notified of their award status.

Head to the Central Kansas Community Foundation website to apply:


March 15, 2023 Institute for Supply Chain Management - Wichita

ISM Wichita is proud to offer several scholarship opportunities to students who plan to attend or are attending an accredited college or university within the USA. Applicants for the $10,000 in scholarships will be reviewed by ISM-Wichita, Inc. and awarded to high school seniors and full time college students who will make contributions to the field of Supply Management. Applicants must be planning on a Supply Management course of study or related field. Students who excel academically, and exhibit leadership potential, participate in community service activities and demonstrate financial need are encouraged to apply.


March 15, 2023 Kansas Masonic Foundation Scholarships

General Scholarship - $1,000 to four year university, $500 to a 2- year technical or community college. Must be a Kansas resident and demonstrate financial need

Legacy Scholarship - $1,000 to four year university, $500 to a 2- year technical or community college. Must be a Kansas mason or child of a mason and demonstrate financial need

Cynthia Ruth Russell Scholarship - up to $5,000 Awarded to a Kansas resident with financial need and with a disability who is attending a 4 year Kansas University or 2 year technical/community college

Learn more about all 3 scholarships at:


March 15, 2023 Golden Plains Credit Union

Available to Golden Plains Credit Union members who are enrolled in or who plan to enroll as a full-time student at a university, junior college, or trade school in the fall. In order to be eligible, applicants must be a member at Golden Plains Credit Union. You will not be eligible if your parent is a member, but you are not a member. Several $500 awards available.


March 17, 2023 Glenn Lygrisse/KACRAO Scholarship

The Kansas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (KACRAO) offers scholarships to reward students who have demonstrated quality leadership during their high school years. There are four $500 awards available each academic year, which may be used at KACRAO member institutions. The scholarships will be designated as follows; one per school type: four-year public, four-year private, community college, and technical college. The awards are not need-based and may be used in conjunction with other awards. To be eligible for consideration for these scholarships, students must:

  • Be in their senior year at a Kansas high school;

  • have a cumulative seventh semester GPA of at least 3.25 on a 4.0 scale;

  • be attending a KACRAO member institution (in Kansas) in the Fall 2023 semester.

Students will be required to submit three documents with their application. If they do not have the ability to upload the required documents, please email the documents to: by March 17, 2023.


March 21, 2023 Andover BOE Local Scholarship

Purpose: Provide a post-high school educational opportunity to students who have excelled.

Recipients: Two - $1,000 scholarships awarded to high school seniors

Requirements & Procedure:

1. The student must be a graduating senior of Andover High, Andover Central High School or eCademy.

2. The student must have a Grade Point Average of 3.0 or above for all classes.

See this document for how to submit your application: BOE Application Info


March 24, 2023 BBB Student of Integrity Award

Twelve $2,000 scholarships are awarded annually to high school seniors, including home-schooled seniors, who reside in the geographic area served by the BBB: 3 from Metro Omaha/Southwest Iowa, 3 from Metro Lincoln/Greater Nebraska, 3 from South Dakota and 3 from The Kansas Plains.

The Student of Integrity Award scholarships are not based on ethnicity or grade point average. These awards recognize students that personify values, leadership and integrity.


March 27, 2023 Opaa! Kenneth L. Short Memorial Scholarship

The Opaa! Kenneth L Short Memorial Scholarship will annually award up to five renewable $1,000 scholarships to students who are graduating from high schools served by Opaa! Food Management, Inc.

Eligibility Applicants must:

  • be graduating from an eligible high school served by Opaa! Food Management Inc. (Click Here for a list of eligible school districts)

  • plan to pursue an Associate Degree, Bachelor’s Degree or Certificate.

  • have unmet financial need at the school they plan to attend.

  • plan to enroll full time in a nonprofit, accredited program, college or university

Preference will be given to students interested in pursuing a career in the food service/hospitality industry.



The Aim Higher Scholarship has been created by the Skyward Credit Union Board of Directors to help our members secure a brighter future through higher education. Six $1000 scholarships will be awarded to applicants based on the criteria listed below.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Student applicant must be a member and primary account holder in good standing with Skyward Credit Union.

  • Applicant must be a high school graduate in 2023 (or earlier) and under the age of 24.

  • Applicant must have a minimum cumulative high school GPA of 2.5 (or minimum GPA of 2.5 in one full year of post-high school education, if applicable).

  • Previous recipients of the Aim Higher Scholarship are not eligible to apply.

Selection Criteria:

Scholarship recipients will be selected based on:

  • Community involvement

  • Essays


March 31, 2023 Dana Winkler Scholarship from the Wichita Federal Credit Union

Applicants must meet the following criteria before applying for a scholarship; PLEASE READ CAREFULLY:

Must be a current Wichita Federal Credit Union member for a minimum of twelve (12) months (As of March 31, 2022), and accounts must be in good standing. • Must be either a graduating high school senior or a full-time undergraduate college student enrolled in a post-secondary school. • Must have at least a 3.0 grade point average. • Must complete Banzai! Teen and Plus online courses. • Must be willing to submit the application in full and write an essay of at least 500 words addressing the following question: "Wichita Federal Credit Union operates on the philosophy of "People Helping People." Please describe how you see this in your life now and in the future."


March 31, 2023 Chelsea Gerbitz Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship was established to provide financial assistance to current graduating high school seniors or college students who are furthering their careers through higher educational or vocational pursuits. Qualified individuals are those who have maintained a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher. Preference given to students with fewer alternative scholarship opportunities and those living and attending school in the Butler County area. The number of awards and dollar amount given is based on money available.

Scholarship award(s) will be in the amount of $500 but may be more based on funds available. Recipient(s) will be notified of their award status. Students must apply annually and no reapplication reminder will be sent to recipients. Reapplication is up to individuals.


March 31, 2023 White Eagle Credit Union Scholarships

There are two scholarships to apply for:

The White Eagle Credit Union Board of Directors is pleased to offer a $500.00 scholarship to one high school senior at each school in Butler County as well as one high school senior at Newton High School. Students do not need to be a member of White Eagle Credit Union to apply for this scholarship.

In addition, WECU will also award the Richard G. Blue Memorial Scholarship ($500) scholarship to a Butler County High School or Newton High School graduating senior who is a member (or has a parent or grandparent who is a member) of White Eagle Credit Union. The selection of this recipient will be made from a random drawing of qualified applicants from all schools.


March 31, 2023 Wichita Foundation Scholarships

The Wichita Foundation offers a variety of scholarships. Many of these awards are based on financial need as well as academic performance. Some scholarships are available statewide, some are only available to students at specific high area high schools. There is one scholarship portal and application and you will get matched automatically with the awards for which you qualify. Visit the website to read more about the scholarships and apply:


April 1, 2023 McConnell Spouses Club Scholarship


1. The MSC will award academic scholarships to qualified applicants if monies permit in each of the following categories:

▪ Category I: Eligible military dependent college-bound high school senior.

▪ Category II: Eligible military dependent currently enrolled college student under the age

of 23.

▪ Category III: Eligible military spouse entering or continuing education.

2. Eligibility for an MSC scholarship is restricted to dependents of a United States military

member who meet the criteria below:

▪ Dependent or military member (active duty, reserve, guard) must be assigned to

McConnell AFB, KS or live within 75 miles of McConnell AFB

▪ OR dependent or military member (retired, POW/MIA or deceased) must live within 75

miles of McConnell AFB

3. Applicants are not eligible to receive an MSC scholarship if they meet any one of the following criteria:

▪ Have received a full scholarship to an accredited 2-4 year college, university,

vocational, or technical school

▪ Have been accepted to a military service academy

▪ Are previous MSC scholarship recipients, or

▪ Have accepted another military spouses’ club scholarship from any other base

2023 Scholarship Information can be found HERE


April 3, 2023 Kansas Financial Scholars Essay Contest

The OSBC is sponsoring this essay contest to award up to five scholarships to Kansas high school seniors who, through school courses, independent study, and personal experience, have gained an understanding of money management and can demonstrate that knowledge and the importance it will have in their future. STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS First Place: $3,000 Second Place: $2,500 Third Place: $2,000 Fourth Place: $1,500 Fifth Place: $1,000 *All five scholarships are awarded only if there are five qualifying entries.


April 3, 2023 Colin and Sally Rowell Memorial Scholarship

Description: The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to graduating seniors from Butler County, KS High Schools and who are furthering their careers through higher educational or vocational pursuits. Qualified individuals are those who plan to attend a public or private college / university or vocational, technical or trade school. The selection will be based primarily on their interest in pursuing area of study that relate to education and / or agricultural. Financial need and evidence of potential success in college will be a consideration.


April 15, 2023 P.E.O. Scholarship for Andover female students

Applicants must be a female graduating senior of Andover High School or Andover Central High School with a GPA of 3.0 or better. Amount of scholarship is $500.

Visit with your counselor to obtain an application


April 15, 2023 Rotary Club of East Wichita Scholarship

The Rotary Club of East Wichita Foundation has available a limited number of scholarship grants for upcoming college freshmen to help in defraying the cost of tuition, books, fees or room and board at the Kansas educational institution attended by the scholarship recipient. Scholarships of $1,000 each will be granted for the 2023-2024 school year and renewable up to a total of eight semesters, resulting in a $4,000 maximum scholarship available ($5,000 for Fahnestock Scholarship) if qualified for renewal annually.

The WSU Tech Scholarship may be granted to a deserving 2023 Sedgwick County high school graduate who is co-enrolled and attending WSU Tech as a high school senior or plans to enroll for the Fall 2023 semester.

Eligibility: The applicant must be a May 2023 graduate of a high school located in Sedgwick County, Kansas, who will enroll on a full-time basis in the Fall of 2023 at WSU Tech, a public or private community college, college or university located in Kansas. Applicants must have a minimum cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Application information found here


April 30, 2023 American Petroleum Institute Scholarship

The Western Kansas Chapter of the American Petroleum Institute (API) is pleased to announce we will once again be awarding four scholarships to qualifying graduating Seniors in May 2023. Each scholarship will be in the amount of $1,000 annually ($500 paid each semester) and may be renewed for up to four years.

Click here for more details and application


May 1, 2023 Kansas Board of Regents

Kansas Board of Regents offers a variety of grants and scholarships including:

  • Kansas Career Technical Workforce Grant

  • Kansas Ethnic Minority Scholarship

  • Kansas Military Service Scholarship

  • Kansas National Guard Educational Assistance Program

  • Kansas Nursing Service Scholarship

  • Kansas Teacher Service Scholarship

  • Kansas State Scholarship

Nearly all of these awards are based on financial need. Specific information about each of these awards can be found at their website.

Two programs from the Board of regents that might be of particular interests are the Kansas State Scholars and the Kansas Promise Scholarship:

Kansas State Scholar

Award Amount Designated State Scholars may receive up to $1,000 annually ($500/semester) based on financial need as measured by the Federal Methodology using data submitted on the FAFSA and the availability of state funds. Scholars may renew this award to receive funds for four undergraduate years (five years if enrolled in a designated five-year program). Scholars who are not financially eligible for funding this year may be eligible in a following year and should apply for the scholarship each school year to officially learn of eligibility.

To be considered in the pool to be selected as Kansas State Scholar, high school students must:

1) Take the ACT Assessment by December of your senior year;

2) Complete the Kansas Scholars Curriculum (KSC); a. Your high school counselor or registrar should automatically report your information to the Kansas Board of Regents if you’ve completed the KSC. This is typically done in February-April of your senior year of high school.

3) Graduate high school during the 2022-2023 academic year; and

4) Be designated as a Kansas State Scholar by the Kansas Board of Regents. a. Out of the approximately 6,000 high school seniors who complete the Kansas Scholars Curriculum each year, only the top 1/3 (roughly 2,000 students) are designated as Kansas State Scholars.  The academic profile of 2022 State Scholars included an average ACT of 29 and an average GPA of 3.92.

Kansas Promise Act Scholarship

The Kansas Promise Scholarship was created by the Kansas Legislature to assist students attending Kansas community colleges and technical colleges having recognized service areas, Washburn Institute of Technology and certain private postsecondary educational institutions and enrolled in specified high wage, high demand, or critical need industry programs in one of these fields of study:

(1) Information technology and security,

(2) mental and physical health care,

(3) advanced manufacturing and building trades, or

(4) early childhood education and development.

Your educational institution may also have one additional eligible field of study in one of these areas: (1) Agriculture, (2) food and natural resources,(3) education and training, (4) law, public safety, corrections, and security, or (5) distribution and logistics.

Read more about the Kansas Promise Scholarship here:

Butler County Community College and WSU Tech are approved schools for this program.

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