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Is Your Child Struggling to Choose a Major?

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

It’s no wonder! We are asking our children to make this decision with very little information or experience. It can be stressful and students might feel pressure to make a choice before they’re ready. True Compass is here to help. Our aptitude assessment empowers students with knowledge of their strengths and abilities and aligns that information with careers that will help them choose a major.

Perhaps your child is wondering if college is the right path for them. Our assessment process is designed to guide them to a post-secondary path that is the best fit for them.

True Compass encourages and empowers students by helping them discover their natural strengths and talents.

Aptitudes are those natural gifts and talents you were born with. There’s no inherent benefit to one ability over another—it’s knowing where your strengths lie that gives you the advantage. Knowing what areas you are hard-wired for takes the guesswork out of picking the right career. True Compass utilizes The Highlands Ability Battery, which is the gold standard for objectively identifying your aptitudes.

The Highlands Ability Battery reveals your strengths as compared to thousands of others who have taken the assessment.

Many career assessments ask your child what they like to do. They are answering questions based on their emotions and opinions. The Highlands Ability Battery is an objective measure of your child’s natural abilities, based on things quantifiable and measurable. The Highlands Ability Battery provides suggested careers based on your aptitude profile. Your True Compass consultation will identify college majors and careers based on his aptitude profile, interests, values and personality assessment. The entire process is fascinating and you will learn so much about your child. The consultation is interactive, involving input from parents and students. We value parents’ opinions as they often see strengths in their children that the children don’t see in themselves.

Choosing a major early major will help save time

An estimated 80 percent of college students in the U.S. change their majors before graduation, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. This decision can cost a student significant time and money. The research shows that between the extra tuition costs and lost income from delaying a career, changing a major can cost students approximately $40,000.

True Compass equips you to choose a major and make those career decisions. Imagine spending money on credits that don’t align with the right career choice. Early career planning reduces the anxiety and expense related to changing majors.

What is the best age to start?

The assessment and consultation is appropriate for anyone 14 years of age or older. However, the ideal time to complete it is sophomore or junior year of high school. The earlier it’s completed, the more information your child has when choosing electives, seeking out job shadowing opportunities, and ultimately declaring a major with confidence.

Additionally, the assessment provides information about the student’s unique learning style and provides specific study strategies. For example, if your child is an auditory learner, he will benefit from listening to recorded lectures, audiobooks or reading their class notes and textbooks aloud.

It can be intimidating for your child to enter this next phase of adulthood. College applications, interviews and resumes can be stressful. Knowing your strengths and being able to articulate them will relieve stress and increase their chance at success. After the consultation, the students will have clear written descriptions of themselves that they can use in college applications and essays. They can also review these descriptions with counselors and teachers who will be writing letters of recommendations.

How does it work?

First, students complete the online assessments, which includes:

  • Highlands Ability Battery

  • Interest Inventory

  • Personality Assessment

  • Values Assessment

A True Compass consultant will email you the assessment links and your student can complete them at their own pace and at the convenience of their schedule. The entire battery will take 3-4 hours. All that’s needed is a quiet space, computer, internet access and headphones.

Next, students and parents meet with a True Compass consultant for a 2-hour feedback meeting (in-person or virtual). There is no failing this process so this meeting focuses on self-discovery and highlighting your strengths. It is always positive and empowering. You will receive:

  • A binder of printed assessment reports

  • Lifetime access to the Highlands Ability Battery online results and reports

  • An in-depth discussion of the assessment results and a well-defined description of strengths and natural talents

  • A custom list of best-fit careers

  • An action plan outlining next-steps

True Compass provides your child the gift of self confidence and helps them realize their potential. Call, email, or visit our website to get started or to learn more.


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